Workers’ Compensation / Integrated Disability Management

Services Offered:


24 Hour Contact

Upon receiving a claim, we contact the employer, injured worker and treating physician within 24 hours.  In addition, regular contacts with all parties will continue throughout the life of the claim.


Adjuster on Call

MAA recognizes that due diligence must be taken when catastrophic injuries occur.  Our adjusters are available 24 hours to be on-site with the injured party or family members.



We work closely with your team members to investigate claims for compensability, fraud, subrogation and pre-existing conditions to effectively reduce or eliminate claims costs.



Being able to administer claims on the group health side helps us eliminate double billing.  Claims are directed to the correct Plan via integration of both departments and our data system  capabilities.


Certified Workplace Medical Plan

CWMP’s or PPO program fee schedules are available.


File Review

MAA reviews claim files routinely to assess the progress of each claim.  We welcome file reviews with our clients, as communication is one key to a successful resolution of a claim.


Monthly Safety Reports

Standard and custom reports are available to assist clients in assessing trends or problem areas.


Access to Claims

Our Windows-based claims system allows our clients access to review claims notes, status and payments.  The reporting system contains standard reports accessible 24 hours a day.


Litigation Control

Specifically designed procedures assist to maintain control of claims with immediate notification of any litigation.  We maintain an aggressive position in claim control by attending all trials and claimant depositions.



Prevention is primary and includes workplace safety reviews, on-site inspections, problem area identification and cost reduction programs such as modified duty, on-site training and best practice review.


Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management programs are available to reduce pharmacy costs and assist in flagging pharmaceutical abuse.


Short Term and Long Term Disability

Management of Short Term and Long Term Disability allows you to analyze absenteeism and provides you with viable solutions sooner rather than later.