Raving Fan Customer Service

What is a Raving Fan and how does it affect service?


The concept of Raving Fan Customer Service requires tactical strategies designed to deliver exceptional service consistently, prompting admiration and devotion to the services provided.

In real world terms what does that mean?



This type of enthusiasm is known to produce what we call a Raving Fan, with a kind of faith that comes from delivering nothing less than outstanding service. Raving Fan Customer Service encompasses many traits. It provides experiences free from hassle and bureaucratic roadblocks while tending to the unseen details. Raving Fan Customer Service is achieved only when quality work is produced in a timely manner - every time. We believe this combination of details is what generates MAA’s success.


The Raving Fan philosophy embraces doing the little things that make a difference - the extra detail, speed, and value are all part of what keeps you raving! We have incorporated into our internal culture much of what is deemed to be above and beyond the call. Our commitment to this ideal is seen throughout MAA, from the introduction of cheerleader - “Fan Man,” to our passion for customer service. Employee awards and reviews are based on assessing the satisfaction of our clients in terms of on-time performance, financial goals, and the reduction of administrative hassles. While we know errors can happen and realize our goals are lofty, we know that without a vision of perfection, we are not tapping into our full potential.

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