Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order new ID cards, get enrollment forms, claims forms, annual data form, PPO directories etc.?
For your convenience, you have several ways to get basic forms to help you manage your Plan.
What is the purpose of an Annual Data Form?
The Annual Data Form is used to assist MAA in obtaining information from your Plan Participants that will enable us to provide better service to your employees and administer your Plan more accurately and efficiently. By obtaining routine updates MAA is able to identify things such as address changes and other information such as “Other Coverage” which would affect your plan financially.
My employee was injured in an accident. What do I need to do?
Get the accident details including where, when, and how the accident happened. Confirm if the injury is a work related injury or not. Contact your Dedicated Account Manager and he/she will coordinate the Subrogation process for you if a third party is involved in the accident. If a third party is not involved the detail you obtain regarding the accident will help us expedite your employee’s claim. In order to protect your Plan assets MAA will not begin to process the claim until we know the details of the accident and identify any potential third parties that would make possible recoveries available to your Plan. A copy of a claim form can be printed from this web site.
What is HIPAA?
The major goals of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is to make it easier for most individuals to obtain coverage when they change jobs, mainly by limiting pre-existing condition exclusions. HIPAA also makes it easier to obtain coverage by providing special enrollment opportunities for employees and dependents. Certain non-federal government plans are exempt from the HIPAA laws. HIPAA also requires that Plan Sponsors and Plan Administrators meet certain requirements for transmitting, processing, and protecting Personal Health Information (PHI). MAA’s HIPAA policy
Does MAA provide any resources to help keep my office up to date with the latest issues regarding the industry and compliance issues?
Yes, MAA provides clients with the opportunity to attend our semi-annual symposium that features nationally recognized speakers to discuss the latest topics in the market. In addition, MAA notifies clients of potential or enacted legislation that has Plan implications. MAA also provides a quarterly newsletter to keep you posted on local and national legislation, benefit developments, and events important to you.
What kind of online features do you offer my employees?
The MAA Online e-health portal provides a sophisticated Internet solution offering your employees the ability to view their benefit plan and MAA 24/7.  MAA Online features a flexible and seamless experience through an open-architecture, relational database platform.  Employees can have access to all services, whether they are requesting an ID card, enrolling for coverage, or researching the status of a claim.
MAA Online can eliminate most of the paperwork and telephone calls associated with plan administration.  Providers, employees and HR staff can simultaneously perform different functions.  MAA will work with you to customize the options available.  Some of these include:
  • Enrolling online
  • Updating personal information
  • Request Explanation of Benefits (EOB) by email
  • Checking the status of a claim
  • Requesting ID cards
  • Sending inquiries directly to MAA or your HR department
  • Accessing/printing Plan Documents
  • Accessing prescription benefits
  • Researching/printing past EOBs
  • Accessing/printing the PPO directory
  • Linking to top medical research sites
  • Referencing frequently asked questions

I often work after five, do you offer online access to specific member and group benefit information?
Yes, you can access all employees’ records and history by simply logging in to MAA Online. This online tool allows you or your chosen colleagues to access all reports by group and member using one password. In addition, your monthly and quarterly reports are uploaded to this secure site in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
I have several employees who speak Spanish, what do you offer?
We offer all forms in Spanish as well as certified translators who work with us directly to insure all questions and processes are understood for our Spanish-speaking members.
How are member/employee’s calls handled?
A live attendant will greet all callers. Benefit issues are sometimes complicated, that is why we believe a personal touch is needed. It also reassures members they will be speaking with the right Client Solution Unit.
Will MAA assist me with presentations or enrollments?
Yes,MAA has an experienced team of professionals to assist you in introducing any new benefit programs. We also gladly attend open enrollments so that benefit questions are address as they arise. We are also available for client health fairs or employee events where our presence would bring value. Promotional items are always available for these events as well. To let us know about upcoming functions please fill out a request form, link and we will take care of the rest?
What kind of reporting do you offer?
MAA has an extensive reporting package available, which includes financial, medical, and operational information. In addition, MAA is able to provide specialized custom reports for you including information about:
Case Management
  • Predictive modeling
  • Preventative health opportunities
  • Disease management opportunities
  • Network Management
  • Individual provider network analysis
  • Enhanced cost and utilization reporting
  • Auditing of medical and pharmaceutical claims
  • Benefit Design
  • More effective plan design
  • Pharmacy switch-to opportunities