Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I request a bid for a client or find out more about MAA services?

    Simply contact one of our sales and marketing staff:

  2. What information do I need to collect from a client or prospective client in order to get a quote from MAA?

    Information Needed For Risk Evaluation

    1. Group Information
      1. Complete name of the group
      2. City, State, Zip Code (if subsidiary locations, provide zip (1st 3 digits) and # or % of employees for each location)
      3. SIC Code or nature of business
      4. Are there any HMO’s? How many employees insured with the HMO? Will HMO be eliminated?
    2. Census
      1. Date of birth (or age)
      2. Sex
      3. Single or family coverage
      4. Life insurance Volume, if applicable
      5. Locations (city, state, zip code of each location if applicable)
      6. Indicate retiree coverage
      7. COBRA participants, along with expected date of COBRA termination.
    3. Schedule of Benefits
      1. Complete copy of your present benefit booklet
      2. PPO information
    4. Claims Experience

      If fully insured or minimum premium:

      1. Premium, rates, and cumulative claims information

      If self-funded:

      1. Month by month claims experience for the current year;
      2. Month by month claims experience for the previous two plan years;
      3. Month by month enrollment for each experience period.
      4. Stop Loss contract type (12/12, 12/15, Paid, etc.).
    5. Shock Loss Information
      1. Please list all participants who have had claims paid on their behalf in excess of 50% of the specific deductible, or claims in excess of $10,000 during the current or past two plan years.
      2. Please include diagnosis, prognosis, and present status (including expected treatment) of the participant.
    6. Current Rates
What kind of online features do you offer to my clients?
Link to MAA Online
I work a lot after five; do you offer online access to my clients’ benefit information?
Yes. Your entire book of business can be accessed in our broker section under, After 5 FACTS. This online tool allows you or your colleagues to access all reports by group and then member using one password. Our monthly and quarterly reports uploaded to this secure site in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
I have several clients with Spanish speaking employees, what do you offer?
We offer all forms in Spanish as well as certified translators who work with us directly to insure all questions and processes are understood for our Spanish-speaking members.
Do you offer my client any type of education on an ongoing basis?
Yes. We host semi-annual client symposiums that cover the most up to date industry trends and relevant topics to keep your clients up to date. These symposiums are raved about for their content and entertainment.
How will my client know of upcoming or recent legislation that would affect their plan?
We have a quarterly newsletter that covers legislation we deem important and relevant. We also send urgent communications via mail/email when needed to keep our clients up to date.
How are member/client calls handled?
A live attendant will greet all callers. Benefit issues are sometimes complicated, that is why we believe a personal touch is needed. It also reassures members they will be speaking with the right Client Solution Unit.
Will MAA assist me with presentations or enrollments?
Yes. MAA has an experienced team of professionals to assist you in sales presentations and enrollment meetings. We are also available for client health fairs or employee events where our presence would bring value. Promotional items are always available for these events as well.
What kind of marketing tools do you offer, if any?
To help you maximize your potential and grow your book of business, Mutual Assurance Administrators (MAA) offers a variety of marketing and promotional tools. If you have a need to reward customers at a special event, or require promotional items, which can be used to increase awareness for both MAA and your agency, please contact us regarding your situation. We would also appreciate hearing any ideas or concerns you might have.
Will my clients have dedicated Account Managers to service my account and my staff?
Yes. With MAA not only do you have an account manager, you have a dedicated Client Solution Unit. Account Managers assists you, your staff, and your client with service support, renewals, reporting, and data analysis. As additional support, MAA offers you a client service representative available for on-site client visits periodically to interact with members and HR contacts to resolve any issues, and even process claims. This traveling liaison has proven to be priceless for many clients and members needing some extra attention.
What kind of reporting do you offer?

MAA has an extensive reporting package available, which includes financial, medical, and operational information. In addition, MAA is able to provide specialized custom reports for you including:

Case Management

  • Predictive modeling
  • Preventative health opportunities
  • Disease management opportunities
  • Network Management
  • Individual provider network analysis
  • Enhanced cost and utilization reporting
  • Auditing of medical and pharmaceutical claims
  • Benefit Design
  • More effective plan design
  • Pharmacy switch-to opportunities